Nadia Ayoub // Eva Hess // Aneta Kajzer // Julia Carolin Kothe // Theresa Lawrenz // Leonie Licht // Friederike Nastold // Eleni Wittbrodt // Selina Ruffing // Feryal Yosofy

We are an art organization in Mainz dedicated to intersectional feminist views on art, music, literature and movies. In June 2016 we kicked off organized orgasms, a festival about sexuality, love concepts and body politics. 2017 our festival TellTales was following up with its aim to give space to a multiplicity of voices and reflect on the construction of history, fiction and truth.

The Team consists of a group of women with different professional and educational backgrounds: Art and Education, Interieur Design, Cultural, Aesthetic and Curatorial Studies.

„OrgaOrga is a collective, the core of which has remained in active communication with one another since the organization of their first festival in 2016.“

„OrgaOrga is empowerment – productivity – solidarity – grl pwr – exchange – safe space – interconnectedness.“

„OrgaOrga is a collective brainstorm without guiderails – a kaleidoscopic community and an Anti-Oedipus, which joyfully springs from one plateau to the next, leaving traces in its wake.“

„OrgaOrga opens resonant spaces.“

„Overworked – Real – Girlz – Are – Organizing – Reacting – Giving – Analyzing“

„An entanglement of flexible material, in which the turns and bends pinch the knotted matter, increasing friction.“

„OrgaOrga is a diversity of stories.“