Well::ness Bad::ass 2018





well::ness bad::ass is a project merging art and theory. During a two day intensive treatment programme; well::ness bad::ass will question and discuss health in the context of art and culture:

-BODY/BODY IMAGE How can it look so good – yet feel so bad? What is “healthy” and how do mechanisms of self optimisation work? Seeing and being seen: drafting a new vision for the politics of observation

-CREATIVITY AND ART The art industry – cure or curse? Effects on physical and/or mental health caused by stress, exploitation, financial insecurity, melancholia, and addiction – is illness a condition of genius?

-COLLABORATIVE WORK Resistant practices for coping in a capitalist art market or staged exploitation of the neoliberal subject?

-WELLNESS FOR WOMAN*  Mental and physical health for female* and marginalized bodies



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